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7 For 4 - Contact
7 for 4 - Diffusion
7 for 4 - Time
Adam Holzman - Overdrive
Al Di Meola - Anthology
Al Di Meola - Casino
Al Di Meola - Cielo e Terra
Al Di Meola - Consequence of Chaos
Al Di Meola - Di Meola Plays Piazzolla
Al Di Meola - Diabolic Inventions And Seduction For Solo Guitar
Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous
Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy
Al Di Meola - The Essence of Al DiMeola
Al Di Meola - Flesh On Flesh
Al Di Meola - The Grande Passion
Al Di Meola - The Infinite Desire
Al Di Meola - Kiss My Axe
Al Di Meola - La Melodia: World Sinfonia Live In Milano
Al Di Meola - Land of the Midnight Sun
Al Di Meola - Orange and Blue
Al Di Meola - Scenario
Al Di Meola - Soaring Through a Dream
Al Di Meola - Splendido Hotel
Al Di Meola - This Is Jazz Vol 31
Al Di Meola - Tirami Su
Al Di Meola - Winter Nights
Al Di Meola - World Sinfonia
Al Di Meola - World Sinfonia - live from Seattle and elsewhere
Al Di Meola - World Sinfonia II: Heart Of The Immigrants
Al Di Meola - World Sinfonia: Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody
Al Di Meola & Friends - Vocal Rendezvous
Al Jarreau - All I Got
Al Jarreau - Breakin' Away
Al Jarreau - L Is for Lover
Al Jarreau - Look to the Rainbow
Al Jarreau - This Time
Al Jarreau - The Very Best Of - An Excellent Adventure
Alex Machacek - [SIC]
Alex Machacek, Matthew Garrison, Jeff Sipe - Improvision
Alex Skolnick Trio - Goodbye To Romance: Standards For A New Generation
Alex Skolnick Trio - Last Day In Paradise
Alex Skolnick Trio - Transformation
Alex Skolnick Trio - Veritas
Allan Holdsworth - All Night Wrong
Allan Holdsworth - Flat Tire
Allan Holdsworth - Hard Hat Area
Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue
Allan Holdsworth - None Too Soon
Allan Holdsworth - Secrets
Allan Holdsworth - The Sixteen Men Of Tain
Andrea Parodi & Al Di Meola - Midsummer Night In Sardinia
Arturo Sandoval - L.A. Meetings
Astor Piazzolla & Gerry Mulligan - Reunión Cumbre
Avishai Cohen With The International Vamp Band - Unity
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Always
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Inspiration: Colors & Reflections
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Jazziza
Ben Webster - Gone With The Wind
Ben Webster - King of Tenors
Ben Webster - Stormy Weather
Ben Webster - The Warm Moods
Bill Evans Trio - Waltz for Debby [Bonus Tracks #2]
Billy Cobham - Off Color
Billy Cobham - Spectrum
Billy Cobham - Warning
Brand X - Product
Brand X - Xcommunication
Branford Marsalis - Contemporary Jazz
Branford Marsalis - Footsteps of Our Fathers
Branford Marsalis Quartet - Eternal
Branford Marsalis Quartet - Romare Bearden Revealed
Branford Marsalis Trio - The Dark Keys
Brian Bromberg - Bass Ackwards
Brian Bromberg - Downright Upright
Brian Bromberg - In The Spirit of Jobim
Brian Bromberg - It Is What It Is
Brian Bromberg - Metal
Brian Bromberg - Portrait of Jaco
Bruford Levin Upper Extremities - BLUE Nights
Bruford Levin Upper Extremities - Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
Cab - Live On Sunset
CAB - Live!
CAB - Theatre De Marionettes
Chick Corea - The Ultimate Adventure
Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour - A Twist Of Jobim
Dave Hilll - New World
David Torn - Cloud About Mercury
Dennis Chambers - Boston T Party
Dipankar - Journey
Doppler, Inc - Nu Instrumental
Esbjorn Svensson Trio - Strange Place for Snow
Exivious - Exivious
Faiska - Bend
Faiska - Nevoeiro
Frank Gambale - Coming To Your Senses
Frank Gambale - Natural High
Frank Gambale - Passages
Frank Gambale, Stuart Hamm, Steve Smith - GHS 3
Frank Gambale, Stuart Hamm, Steve Smith - The Light Beyond
Frank Gambale, Stuart Hamm, Steve Smith - Show Me What You Can Do
Fuse One - Fuse One
Gary Burton & Rebecca Parris - It's Another Day
George Benson - Bad Benson
George Benson - Benson & Farrell
George Benson - Big Boss Band
George Benson - Body Talk
George Benson - Breezin'
George Benson - Give Me the Night
George Benson - Good King Bad
George Benson - The Greatest Hits Of All (Remastered)
George Benson - I Got A Woman And Some Blues
George Benson - In Your Eyes
George Benson - Livin' Inside Your Love
George Benson - Love Remembers
George Benson - Shape Of Things To Come
George Benson - Standing Together
George Benson - Tell It Like It Is
George Benson - That's Right
George Benson - Weekend In L.A.
George Benson - While The City Sleeps...
George Benson - White Rabbit
George Benson & Al Jarreau - Givin' It Up
Gutbucket - Flock
Hellborg, Lane, Sipe - Personae
Henry Threadgill - Makin' A Move
Hiram Bullock - Late Night Talk
Hiromi - Another Mind
Hiromi - Time Control
Hiromi - Voice
HoBoLeMa - Live at Kuumbwa Jazz Center
Holdsworth, Pasqua, Haslip & Wackerman - Blues For Tony
Jack Bruce - Monkjack
Jaco Pastorius - The Essential Jaco Pastorius
Jaco Pastorius - Invitation
Jaco Pastorius - Punk Jazz, The Jaco Pastorius Anthology (1968-86)
Jaco Pastorius - Word of Mouth
Jacques Loussier - Bach To Bach
Jacques Loussier - Bach to the Future
Jacques Loussier - Complete Works - 1: Pulsion – Sous La Mer
Jacques Loussier - Complete Works - 7: Pagan Moon
Jacques Loussier - Impressions On Chopin's Nocturnes
Jacques Loussier - Play Bach aux Champs-Elysees
Jacques Loussier - Play Bach Highlights (1959-1965)
Jacques Loussier - Play Bach No. 1
Jacques Loussier - Play Bach No. 2
Jacques Loussier - Play Bach No. 3
Jacques Loussier - Play Bach No. 4
Jacques Loussier - Play Bach No.1
Jacques Loussier - Play Back No. 5
Jacques Loussier - Plays Bach - The 50th Anniversary Recording
Jacques Loussier - Two concertos, Tableaux venitiens
Jacques Loussier - The Very Best Of Jacques Loussier - Air On A 'G' String
Jacques Loussier Trio - Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - New Jazz Arrangements
Jacques Loussier Trio - Bach's Goldberg Variations
Jacques Loussier Trio - Bach: The Brandenburgs
Jacques Loussier Trio - Baroque Favorites
Jacques Loussier Trio - Beethoven: Allegretto from symphony 7, theme and variations
Jacques Loussier Trio - The Best Of Play Bach
Jacques Loussier Trio - Gymnopedies, Gnossiennes (Satie)
Jacques Loussier Trio - Handel: Water Music & Royal Fireworks
Jacques Loussier Trio - In Loussier's Mood
Jacques Loussier Trio - Mozart Piano Concertos 20,23
Jacques Loussier Trio - Play Bach Vol.1
Jacques Loussier Trio - Plays Debussy
Jacques Loussier Trio - Ravel Bolero Loussier Nympheas
JADE - Jazz Afro Design Electric
Jazz Is Dead - Great Sky River
Jazz Is Dead - Laughing Water
Jean-Luc Ponty - Open Mind
John Escreet - Don't Fight the Inevitable
John Mclaughlin - My Goals Beyond
John McLaughlin - The Promise
John McLaughlin - Thieves and Poets
John McLaughlin With The One Truth Band - Electric Dreams
John McLaughlin, Elvin Jones, Joey Defrancesco - After The Rain
John McLaughlin/Jaco Pastorius/Tony Williams - Trio of Doom
John Novello - B3 Soul
John Novello - Too Cool
Jonas Hellborg - Adfa
Jonas Hellborg - Art Metal
Jonas Hellborg - Art Metal Trio - Live at Quasimodo, Berlin
Jonas Hellborg - Live at Swedish Jazz Celebration
Jonas Hellborg - Octave of the Holy Innocents
Jonas Hellborg - The Silent Life
Jonas Hellborg Group - Jonas Hellborg Group
Jonas Hellborg with Glen Velez - Ars Moriende
Jonas Hellborg with Shawn Lane and Kofi Baker - Abstract Logic
Keiko Matsui - Cherry Blossom
Keiko Matsui - Collection
Keiko Matsui - Deep Blue
Keiko Matsui - Dream Walk
Keiko Matsui - Night Waltz
Keiko Matsui - The Piano
Keiko Matsui - Sapphire
Keiko Matsui - Whisper From The Mirror
L'Orchestre Sympathique - En concert ŕ la Grande Passe
Lavitz, Weckl, Gambale, Goodman, Patitucci & Morse - School Of The Arts
Lee Ritenour - Collection
Lee Ritenour - Earth Run
Lee Ritenour - Wes Bound
Lenny White - Venusian Summer
Marc Johnson - Shades Of Jade
Mark Egan, Bill Evans, Mitch Forman & Vinnie Colaiuta - Truth Be Told
Matalex - Wild Indian Summer
Matalex feat. Alex Guina special guest Jean-Paul Bourelly - Freedom
Medeski Martin & Wood - Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps) - Best Of (1991-1996)
Medeski Martin & Wood - Note Bleu - Best Of The Blue Note Years 1998-2005
Medeski Martin & Wood - The Stone Issue-Four
Medeski Martin & Wood - Tonic
Menuhin And Grappelli - Play "Jealousy" And Other Great Standards
Menuhin And Grappelli - Play Berlin, Kern, Porter and Rodgers & Hart
Michael Brecker - Now You See It… Now You Don’t
Michael Harris - Tranz - Fused
Michael Manring - The Book of Flame
Monty Alexander, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis - Trio
Neural Code - Neural Code
Niacin - Deep
Niacin - High Bias
Niacin - Live! Blood Sweat & Beers
Niacin - Niacin
Niacin - Organik
Niacin - Time Crunch
Ofer Shapiro Quintet - Two Views
Ohm - Circus Of Sound
Oz Noy - Fuzzy
Paco de Lucia - Castro Marin
Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin - The Guitar Trio
Paul Hardcastle - The Jazzmasters I
Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarlo - Jones, McGill, DeCarlo
Peter Greier - ...Eat This
ProjeKct One - Jazz Cafe Nights (First Night)
Ray Ferretti - Leaf Juice
Return to Forever - Light as a Feather
Return To Forever - Returns
Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior
Return to Forever - Where Have I Known You Before
S.M.V. (Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten) - Thunder
Shawn Lane - Powers of Ten
Stanley Clarke - 1, 2, To the Bass
Stanley Clarke - Children of Forever
Stanley Clarke - The Collection
Stanley Clarke - East River Drive
Stanley Clarke - I Wanna Play For You
Stanley Clarke - The Rite Of Strings (feat. Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc Ponty)
Stanley Clarke - The Stanley Clarke Band
Stanley Clarke - Time Exposure
Stanley Clarke - The Toys of Men
Stanley Clarke And George Duke - The Clarke/Duke Project - 3
Stanley Clarke And George Duke - The Clarke/Duke Project II
The Stanley Clarke Trio - Jazz In The Garden (Japan Edition)
Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Lenny White - The Griffith Park Collection
Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Lenny White - The Griffith Park Collection 2 - In Concert
Stephane Grappelli - Live at the Blue Note
Steve Weisberg - I Can't Satnd Another Night Alone (In Bed With You)
The Talisman Group - Dating
Terry Bozzio - Drawing the Circle
Tetsuo Sakurai featuring Greg Howe and Dennis Chambers - Vital World
Thom Rotella Band - DMP
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Midnight Sugar
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - What A Wonderful Trio!
Tyft - Smell the Goodness
Vagif Mustafa-Zade - Dushunce
Victor Bailey - Slippin' n' Trippin'
Weather Report - Sweetnighter
Yahel - Hoenig - Moreno - Blake - Jazz Side Of The Moon (The Music Of Pink Floyd)